His Own April Fool Poem by Spock the Vegan

His Own April Fool

Rating: 4.8

My oldest brother came up with a plan
For tomorrow's April Fools day for the clan.
He replaced the sugar in the bowl with salt.
It was a simple plan, but it had a fault

On April first he was the first to rise.
He found his strategy wasn't so wise:
He wanted cereal, and wanted it sweet,
So he spooned some salt into his shredded wheat.

He found out the joke was very cruel,
When he became his own April fool.

His Own April Fool
Thursday, February 12, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: april,brother,family,family life,joke,life,morning,salt,sugar,thinking
True story
Kim Barney 15 February 2015

Ha ha ha ha ha! That is great! Your brother sure fooled himself with that trick! Another great poem, maybe your best yet. I have voted it a ten.

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Kelly Kurt 09 April 2015

Instant Karma. Good poem. Thanks for sharing

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Pamela Sinicrope 18 October 2015

That's pretty funny! Thanks for sharing...

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The Oldest Brother 03 November 2021

Your memory is ALMOST correct. I did NOT replace the sugar in the bowl with salt. I just carefully added one teaspoon of salt to the top of the sugar in the bowl.

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Leeann Azzopardi 07 March 2020

A prefect poem for a trying day Bravo! Encore!

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Chinedu Dike 16 December 2019

That a beautiful creation written with a tinge of humour. I like your style of writing, Spock. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.

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Raj Arumugam 26 September 2016

Nothing like falling into one's own trap, Spock the Vegan....A memorable poem

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Spock The Vegan 26 September 2016

Yes, poetic justice.

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John Brown 29 June 2016

Clever little poem - I like it.

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Spock The Vegan 24 September 2016

Thanks. Some days a good one comes together.

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