~home Is Poem by Adeline Foster

~home Is

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~ Home Is

In all the lands I've traveled,
The places I have been,
Each man thinks his own land
Is the best he's ever seen.

For the man born in the desert
Knows every grain of sand,
And acquaintance is the bond that ties
One's heart to familiar land.

Or the man born to the mountain
Has climbed each rocky path;
No place on earth is dearer
Though velvet be its grass.

And the storms that rage a rocky coast
Are music to the ears
Of one who's known their lonely cry
All through his youthful years.

I've known the joys of many lands,
No patriotism for me;
For earth belongs to God above,
And He sees not human boundary.

Although my heart may sympathize
With each man's claim I meet,
Within my heart I realize
A lilt to my pilgrim feet.

For every man needs a place on earth
To call his very own,
And every person of whatever birth
Rejoices on the way back home.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
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Delicate Heart 23 May 2009

nice piece interestingly written/good to read and a ten from delicate.

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Godspower Oshodin 19 June 2009

Wow, what a wonderful piece of art. Home...Sweet Home!

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Lynn Glover 06 July 2009

This is a wide view of our land and shows that every sector is home if you want it to be. I love this poem and its rythem. Keep on writing I must give you a 10+++

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i think this poem is a sign. i should go home. i was debating it whole week... home it is.

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Hnt Var 25 April 2010

A very beautifull poem with a beautifull message!

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Soulful Heart 14 July 2016

wonderful poem....each word echoes long after we read......faith, regional love and d maturity n wisdom to understand the final abode......all merged into a lyrical splendour......10/10

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Liza Sudina 16 March 2016

I share your faith in God and at the same time your understanding of our habit and love to our small motherlands. I've known the joys of many lands, No patriotism for me; For earth belongs to God above, And He sees not human boundary.

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Savita Tyagi 27 October 2015

The earth belongs to God above yet each man yearns for a home on earth! To think of whole earth as one's home is like extending one's heart to all. Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.

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Afrooz Jafarinoor 09 August 2015

Home is where you feel happy in heart! Great poem! Thank you!

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Babatunde Aremu 11 November 2012

This is a beautiful poem. The poem makes me to think of earthly and heavenly homes together. The use of imageries are powerful. Great write

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Adeline Foster

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