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>≫≫Honesty Of A Thief

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In the name of god
Six men silently went to do a theft
In a house of their neighbour
Successfully they broke into
And fortunately got their hands
On substantial amount of wealth
After completing the operation
Heftily they came back to their den
In a forest under a small cave
Merrily the boss sat down round

As a leader sits with his executives
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Bri Edwards 27 November 2013

when you started the second stanza with Here is a man..., you lost me for a few lines. THEN i understood that you were starting to speak of another man, NOT from the 'den of thieves'....at least not the 'den' in the forest. i thought the white collar worker was moonlighting as a 'common' burglar. well done. i suppose white collar crime, though it may have devastating results, will often continue to be 'not punished as severely' as blue collar crime. thanks for sharing. :)

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Yasmin Khan 27 November 2013

Through comparison you have emphasized the idea that integrity is valued more than anything else.

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 25 November 2013

you raise there, poet, a very pertinent question, when it comes to integrity.

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 25 November 2013

i salute you for the poem

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