House Of God Poem by Subroto Chatterjee

House Of God

Rating: 4.9

Gnarled fingers feeling and
Kneading the clay,
Sieving the sand,
And baking to pray.

Topping the dome
In slippery tiles,
Cut by these men,
And set out in style.

Hijacked by traders,
And looted since time,
Miracle performers who
Abetted this crime

Gods of these Houses,
Reclining in jest,
Have blood on their fingers,
And stone in their breasts.

Merchants of grammar
And agents of texts,
Reinventing old lies,
In holy pretexts.

Closing your palms and
Stifling your breath,
Do you shake hands,
That lead you to death?

How did this happen,
How did these men,
Venture so far,
Again, and again?

Now as you sit,
And hear of their cause,
All are the same,
And all because

Of me, you and the House of God.

11th April 2009
anurag duggal 11 April 2009

wow lovely poem indeed ....and we all pray for peace and less of religous bigotry

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Pink Poozle 11 April 2009

what an amazing write! you should take your writing skills much further. If you sell any books, send a message to me, and Ill probally buy it! If its not too much :)

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~ Jon London ~ 14 April 2009

A fine piece you've written here my friend...May peace reach our life time....Thanks for the share

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Wojja Fink 18 April 2009

you say it plain and oh so clear a joy for the eye the heart and the ear.............John

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Ramesh Rai 06 October 2013

loved your write. either u vote or not but must read my poem I SEARCHED YOU. XLENT

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Bob Blackwell 14 August 2009

Our differences cause all the worlds troubles, no one is allowed to be unique? We dress the same as peers, then uniformed we stand and growl at others not the same. If only we all realised we are the same, human beings clothed in different colours united by the stream of life that flows through all of us. I like what you write and I like how you write. Bob

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Anjali Sinha 30 July 2009

a fine piece here may God shower his abundant blessings on you and your family tis my prayer for you regards anjali -10

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Nikunj Sharma 22 July 2009

How has he reached how far shall he go with only passage of time shall we know for the time being he claims his weapon, his sword carries the name of lord..

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Mamta Agarwal 01 June 2009

how did this happen, how did these men venture so far again and again- very powerful condemnation of brutalities of man on man in the name of religion. impressive Mamta

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