How The Love Dies... Poem by samar halabi

How The Love Dies...

Rating: 4.3

monthes I spent them of cares and sadness
where..but where r u coming-back
Telling me I missed u
how and why tonight! ! ! !
Go please Go away
leave me alone....
stop making my pain wider
stop telling me that I am still in ur mind
lies u made me live in lies but why? ? ?
Who...? ? tell me who has loved u as me
who`s staying by ur side all the day and night? ?
And u r busy and away......: (
cause I loved u I`d say goodbye

blue 802 09 July 2008

Very deep and nicely written

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Sas Na 24 April 2009

How the Love Dies was really written go successfully convey sadness of losing love. good poem Syrian beauty

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Jihad T 17 January 2009

great but syrian to talk about feelings of mothers and sons u give 5 ++++++++

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Amr Alaa 02 September 2008

I've read all your poems and they are great.. Especially this one :) , You really are one great poetess.. Keep up the good writing, Amr

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Tom Balch 10 August 2008

A lovely poem and very moving

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Mohammad Al-kurdi 13 July 2008

love is blind love is blind.....

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