How Unlimited Poem by Alexander Julian

How Unlimited

We don't have unlimited money.
We have limited money.
So, we don't have unlimited business.
We don't have unlimited business.
And, if we don't have unlimited business, we don't have unlimited work.
We don't have unlimited work to be done.
If we don't have unlimited work to be done, we don't have unlimited jobs.
We don't have unlimited jobs.
So, what this means is, we don't have unlimited help.
We don't have unlimited help for you.
This means, most people usually just don't need help.
People do not give jobs when they do not need help.
As such, people mostly can "help themselves" to business of their own.
"Self-help" is a cause of economic disorder in this focus.
A word like "self-help" probably means there's help from nobody else.
Maybe except for you, with "self-help", people usually don't need help.
When people don't need help, they probably don't help you.
Drama can happen from this realization.
Do you need help?
Well, I can't just help you.
Do I need help?
Well, you can't just help me.
"Help" is like a contract.
It's like a natural existence of work to be done.
Of course, nature gets really dangerous.
Even people with no jobs are still living in nature around us.
Being poor, "unemployed" with no job can be a very "natural" situation.
So, for nature, you're going to need materials and things for a job.
People have their interests of materials and things.
And, when materials and things are a struggle, their interests are a struggle.
You're probably keeping money you have while looking for somebody else's.
Of course, somebody else probably needs money more than you do.
Needs and basics often prohibit unlimited entertainment.
You can't be happy forever.
You need to get on with your business.

Sunday, December 26, 2021
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