Human Right Poem by Dave Alan Walker

Human Right

Rating: 4.9

The pain
of an unjust world
The deep rooted evil
of some of mankind

A pain so deep
it keeps me alive
but one day
I fear it will
eat me alive

Swallowed up
by the twisted lives
of the undignified
Unless we stand and fight
For the human right

Justice can't hide
for all of our lives
There's got to be
a change of tide
Lets all unite
and fight for our right

Zubaida Boland 16 January 2012

Simply amazing, , , loved the rhymes ;)

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A Dark Lifetime . 16 January 2012

I really loved this one! ! I actually feelt to fight for the moment ;)

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Lawrence H 15 January 2012

Hi, Dave What a nice poem on human rating on this poem 9/10 and further improve if we can include God's intervention to help us to let us all know what is the real human right. The answer lie in the Bible if everyone understand God's message well. My personal Reflection on human right; Human right is basic need in modern society and We need God's intervention to give human being the wisdom and knowledge to do what is right and wrong. The basic rules for human right is 10 commandments given us but we fail to follow them faithfully. In the end, we committed so many sins and criminals....This poem reflects human being tried and struggle to gain human right among human being...which I think it's quite impossible unless we believe God comes and help us at the end of time as mentioned in the last chapter of the New Testament: The Revelation. regard, Lawrence

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Sharron Stephenson 15 January 2012

i like this poem comes from the heart

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Lilian Chromious Eveson 15 January 2012

Thank you very much for inviting me to read this poem of yours, it's very truthful and intelligently writen. Keep up the good work.

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Chinedu Dike 02 May 2023

Insightfully crafted with conviction

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Jose Guevara 22 April 2012

The last line fight for our right, reminds me of one of Bob Marley's songs. We have the same thirst for fairness and justice

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Erhiawarien Justice 19 January 2012

Well done, Dan Walker. Sure it is a human right to fight for what is right; though justice is such an elusive thing to grasp in this present world, hence, the pain that may last so long. But just a little while longer and all our pains will be flushed and past. It would be just as God promised it would. I love the simplicity of your verse.

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 18 January 2012

Just remember, who fights with the sword, shall be fought down with the sword. When mankind turns to God for help and believes in His help, then will come the change, not until man wants to chop the other down. Real peace comes to those who turns to the spirit. (not to the church, but to the real Spirit)

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 17 January 2012

a heart-felt write, my friend i hope one day.we will all rejoice and burry the corruption and injustice.thanks for sharing this awesome piece.

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