! ! ! ! ! Hunter Or The Hunted! ! ! ! ! Poem by Mamta Agarwal

! ! ! ! ! Hunter Or The Hunted! ! ! ! !

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If you be a hunter,
Besides being good marksman,
One needs sportsmanship.

What makes one a hunter;
Fun of the game or sadistic pleasure,
At times I wonder…

Hunted or the hunter
In the playfield, there is a slim chance,
The pursuer end as prey.

So what,
If its a poem or a poet;
Its all in the game,
an occupational hazard...

Mel Vincent Basconcillo 12 April 2009

the thrill of the hunt beautifully defined in this poem u are so true outstanding

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i think it is the pride and thrill..sadistic...i doubt...or may be it is a craving to go back to cave days

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Ency Bearis 16 April 2009

significant write..the pride sometimes sadistic...

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Raj Nandy 17 April 2009

Madam I loved the comments made by Mr Palas Ray! I also recall what an elderly lady from England had mentioned in he Bio! She writes & reads poems to unburden her mind & for pure enjoyment! She comment only when she has something to contribute in a POSITIVE way! Otherwise, she only reads without making any comments! You are right, - let the 'hunters' take up a different profession! No one will miss them! Thanks for this poem! 10++++ -Raj Nandy

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 18 April 2009

Hunter and hunted both fall prey to death..............Only death is a real hunter...........Good Write.........

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Brian Jani 05 June 2014

Well done mamta keep it up

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Saadat Tahir 21 June 2009

oops....sorry you cant do hunting or the hunted without recourse to RUDYARD KIPPLING... It would be sacrilege not to pay homage here Tiger-Tiger! What of the hunting, hunter bold? Brother, the watch was long and cold. What of the quarry ye went to kill? Brother, he crops in the jungle still. Where is the power that made your pride? Brother, it ebbs from my flank and side. Where is the haste that ye hurry by? Brother, I go to my lair to die! Rudyard Kipling

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Saadat Tahir 21 June 2009

mamtaji...naamste i see with a shut eye your arrows flying in all directions in a way you yourself became the holder of the anza...keenly pointing with your speer at all the places where danger /hunter.hunted lurk fantastic write.....and ofcourse all over our city streets the drama is enacted ad infinitum......the hunter at the alter of the hunted i touch my hat and say ..with a bemuse..cheers

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Sathyanarayana M V S 23 April 2009

Animals hunt to the extent they get that day's food. Man hunts for pleasure. I think I wrote some poem on this Super savage...........or something....I dont remember. But Mamtaji, you raised valid questions that should pick the right (wrong) persons.

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Kesav Easwaran 18 April 2009

hazard; yes...being a hunter or being hunted...nice write...telling a blatant truth...10

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