I Am Tired Of Being A Secret Poem by LaRon Green Sr.

I Am Tired Of Being A Secret

Rating: 4.8

Why I have to hide
from others
when I am
your husband
and better then
those that look at me
like a burning oven
they are no better
then me
they are in so much misery
you need to check their
before you let their
talk put me on a board
like old chalk
their past
why their relationship
didn't last long
being in other people business
why there's didn't stand strong
why let them cut you short
you should learn from there
life I thought
don't be bought
in their misery
let love keep
you near and not misery
but in harmony
while they be in misery
and you in cheer
let your relationship
stand the test of time
be a model for those that
what to wine and dine
while you put
in your time
be better and different
from other
even your
father and mother
show you can be
all you can be
if they stay out
your(unique) life
think twice
do you want to
end up
like a pair of
rolling dice
stop keeping me
a secret
and let them no
I am your future
I am tired of being
a secret
my wife

Thomas Coltrin 21 March 2009

what happened...........and how old r u....?

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anurag duggal 22 March 2009

Hey loved the poem beautifully composed haaan 10+++

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Greenwolfe 1962 27 March 2009

As I've said before, I don't particularly like the vertical line structure. But be that as it may. I really enjoyed reading this. It held my interest and I was thinking about what a nice little work of prose this would be. This writer can write. He has a gift for making it interesting. GW62

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 28 March 2009

An interesting write. A suspense could be prevailed throughout if the word 'husband' should have not been used in 4th line of the poem.

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rago rago 31 March 2009

Really fine. Oh dear, the culture talk the most accept it. You can`t run away. Well penned and a good work.

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*I <3 U IAN* 05 April 2009

A strong and great poem

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Merna Ibrahim 05 April 2009

Wow, great poem, i really like it and ur style is great! ! ! ! ! thanks Merna

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Reshma Ramesh 05 April 2009

aweeeeeee that is such a touching write........i hope u find stronger reasons to come out in the open..............god bless

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Hazem Al Jaber 01 April 2009

why you should hide.. there is no reason to hide.. if you really love her, ., you shouldn`t do..even you should be proud.. so nice and well written.. hazem al..

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 31 March 2009

Nice and free from emotional conflict that one may keep hidden in 'secret'. One who is able to strip the layers of pain away, discovers and values the 'self' with a more appreciation of others.Very nice depiction.

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