I Could Not Understand Poem by Ernestine Northover

I Could Not Understand

Rating: 4.5

An Angel knocked upon my door,
I could not understand what for,
And in a soft sweet voice he said,
Do you realise that you are dead!
I replied, I did not think it so,
But then again how could I know.
How was I to believe this news,
Yet he was not wearing any shoes,
And he was floating around my place,
With a beaming smile upon his face.
I sort of thought that he may be right,
Something strange had happened in the night.
For I had felt myself begin to rise
Up from my bed. Maybe my demise!
He turned and placed together his palms,
Then opened up his slender arms,
And taking my hand he flew with me,
Into God’s heavenly eternity.

© Ernestine Northover

Alison Cassidy 27 October 2007

A reflective imaginative piece about the nature of death and grieving written with a soft nib. Beautiful poem. love, Allie xxxxxxxx

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Duncan Wyllie 27 October 2007

Oh ernestine, this is so beautiful, you really have come up with a wonderful poem here The applause is for you take a stand Love duncan X

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Debora Short 26 October 2007

What a lovely poem, Ernestine! Grief is sometimes never-ending when we loose someone dear to our hearts. This sweet poem reminds us that there is a goodness in death - even if our hearts are not yet prepared to grasp that the promise of the gift of heaven to our dearest has been given with divine love. Peace to you, Debora

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Laurie Hill 21 February 2024

This made me smile.....This made me think

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Laurie Hill 21 February 2024

This made me smile

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* Sunprincess * 28 May 2016

..............oh thank you for writing this, I love your poem so much dear :) ★

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Andrew Blakemore 09 May 2008

A very beautiful poem indeed and a pleasure to read. Let's hope that Angel stays away for many years to come! Love Andrew x

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Dee Daffodil 29 October 2007

This is lovely...but I for one...hope that you are still firmly planted on the ground! : -) Hugs, Dee

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