I Dropped The Second Bomb In Hiroshima Poem by Ayi Escalona

I Dropped The Second Bomb In Hiroshima

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Like a thirsty man trapped in the sanctuary of thoughts
I tread in the tranquility of Hiroshima’s memorial of peace
There, I imbibe every frame of destruction
My innocence wandered to all corners faster than a child
But my matured heart weeps amidst the painful remains

As I peeped through delicate glass covered keepsake
My tears dropped and exploded in the dust
I breathe hard and more but my lungs refused
Now, I can only sigh…on the day it was
Hate and sufferings are only captured souvenirs

On top, the sun drenched dome
Where the twisted steel is keeping its word
But the shattered wall can’t evade to display its pain
The wound and sufferings are all that glitters
In the tranquil Hiroshima’s memorial of peace

The day I dared to disturb your serenity
I noticed myself getting heavier
And as tears go my sight went blurred
I think my heart had exploded! ! ! !
I guessed, I dropped the second bomb in Hiroshima

Subbaraman N V 22 November 2007

Very touchy, sentimental, moving! How we wish the world never sees a repitition! As poets let us work for a world full of peace, harmony sc love! ,

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Dennis Walker 17 September 2007

That was moving and well done on such a sad subject. Least we forget the end that was never needed the Japanese were all ready to surrender before the bomb was droped. And a hope it will never be used in war again great poem

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Marvin Brato 14 September 2007

Though natural calamities drain man's resources, man-made calamities is far more disastrous yet in the and LOVE and PEACE should prevail! . Great tribute my friend. Highest mark.

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Indira Babbellapati 12 September 2007

a very humane and touching tribute...

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Red Blooded Black Hearted 12 September 2007

That was excellent imagry used in that poem. Excellent work: -)

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Patrick A. Martin 26 October 2009

And on down through the centuries we go more and more pay back. You know if we treated each other with only love what would be the payback. Man gets what he pays out. Sadly-----10

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Sakura Tomoko 05 November 2008

guilt, or sympathy? -the question is more complex, but can only be answered by the writer, the rest is left to the reader... But I suppose considering there were a mere handful people responsible (in the final stages) for it, I'd say something deeper, perhaps you feel responsible after viewing the damage done, and feel as if, you bought your freedom, but the price was to high for the morals of your culture to allow any compensation or release from guilt.. *shrug* It's up to you- what you meant, people interpret it as they see it, if it's the way you intended, good for you, if it's not, it still carries meaning atleast, maybe even better then what you'd intended.

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Ewigi Liebe 27 December 2007

You do really dropped the second bomb in....? just JK, but your poem have had touched me...I was in hiroshima and its very beautiful in there with a sad history! nice penned.

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Robert Howard 26 December 2007

A poem born in compassion. On a post-war visit to Hiroshima, Einstein was said to have sobbed grief stricken apologies for his part in encouraging the bomb's creation.

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Effie Yalena Steyn 14 December 2007

Beautiful. I was intrigued by the title. Touchy subject, but incredibly well written and thoughtful. Well done. Ef x

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