Christmas, Day After Poem by Ayi Escalona

Christmas, Day After

Rating: 4.8

The roads are unusually silent
Like a tuneless music room
I felt so deaf to listen to nothing
Aimlessly I am drifted to no where

Outside, the unused road gathered dust
Settled thick like enthusiastic migrants
Anywhere from the treacherous trip
And it’s good for the road because

While its thickness accumulate
To my pocket is a kind of different
There are only few stories to tell
When Christmas leaves the air

Yesterday’s celebration was quite fine
Firecrackers and carols are here and there
Those hungry and inconvenient sounds
Partly emptied my pity and echoing pockets

Foods are scattered everywhere
As if there are no mouths to fed tomorrow
But it is Christmas, and as they say
It is good to give

In the morning, I woke up tired
I crawled unhealthy but high in spirits
Last night’s crystal glass is so tempting
I just can’t evade the sparkles of this treacherous liquid

Good! the fridge, is not completely empty
There are still recipients of electricity… bottled water
I lazily turned my head...and see
The table occupied with stink leftovers

The floors are marked with the muddy footstep
Meaning… a later tons of sweat
Still groggy…I head towards the gate
I “looked up” and see the soil…lush

I “looked down” the sky it’s blue, miisalignment
Wow upside down..and with the scorching heat
The wine’s angry spirit sadly left
Yes. Yesterday was Christmas

In a little more time..i got to go and work
To recover what was lost in the celebration
One day millionaire…three months laborer……
Merry Christmas

Melvin Banggollay 07 January 2008

pare kumusta ka na jan Well, kahit pasado na nais pa rin kitang batiin ng merri x mas at manigong bagong taon. maganda ang kantha mong ito Puno ng diwa ng kapaskuhan. salamat at nawa'y nasa mabuti kang kalagayan lagi. God bless, melvin

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John Nightingale 28 December 2007

Very Enjoyable. Thanks.

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Ewigi Liebe 27 December 2007

Beautiful write Kapatid...I missed it this year: (but anyway still living so thats the best part.

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Patrice James 26 December 2007

I was once in PI and celebrate Christmas and new year...I enjoy it a lot diff. from other country...great msg. thou thanks.

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Francis Duggan 26 December 2007

Good poem you've written here Ariel one can imagine the scene in your descriptive verse keep those good poems coming

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Walterrean Salley 10 November 2009

Nostalgic. And nothing's normal during the special celebration. Beautiful poem, beautifully written. Thanks 10

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Alyssa Molai 09 November 2009

an insperational poem

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C Toebe 31 October 2009

Poignant and heartfelt realism. good read.

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Greenwolfe 1962 10 July 2008

I thought there was a lot said here about the day after Christmas. Buit I think that more was revealed about the writers true feelings about the celebration. GW62

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Carolyn Sears 07 January 2008

I enjoyed this write.. God Bless! ! Carolyn

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