I Forgot To Look Inside Me Poem by Jeri Martindale

I Forgot To Look Inside Me

Upon awakening of morning light, my eyes open, no end in sight. Is today my lucky day, will everything go my way? Look into the mirror, a sparkle in my eye, wondering if this shine is a sign. Each morning I look in the mirror for insight into my mind. My mirror has become magical constantly fueling my life.

A magic mirror? Yes it is true, you should allow the power to overtake you. Knowing who you truely are in the body and in the mind; do you realize that that there is always a piece of yourself that you hide. Your own utopia, hidden sensations; wanting to escape, but liking the anticipation. Magical feelings exploding inside; exstacy, butterflies! The magic is in exploring your mind, growing more powerful as the days go by.

I once forgot these powers of mine! No more grand escapes to fill my life. I didn't dream, I had no time. I couldn't look into the mirror to see my life. The magic was the one thing I began to fear, slowly it faded and finally disappeared. I did not understand my inability to look that way, once I had opened my eyes each day. I did not know myself anymore, my life was striped away; my blue skies turned cloudy and grey.

As the days went by, I found myself searching for the feelings that I once feared; that exploding feeling in my heart, that sparkle in my eyes. Was I so afraid of myself that I couldn't even try? I must try to look that way at dawns early light, will I succeed or run away in fright? Will the mirror tell me what I am inside, will it remind me of the magic I once had that died? I still do no realize how I became so lost or how I forgot the things that made the magic come alive.

So here I am standing with my back to the mirror. Will the magic appear today, will it remind me of that special place I use to journey to each morning before I started my day? I closed my eyes as I slowly turned around; my body was shaking, my heart began to pound. I opened my eyes fortunately to see that sparkle still lingered deep inside me. I couldn't believe it but it appeared as if the longer I stared, the more I remembered those glorious feelings I once processed; those blue eyes that took me there. Into my mind I journeyed, further to my utopia. The magic grew warmer as I held onto the moments.

I felt as if I were laying out under the sun, though I stood in my bedroom soaking it up. My eyes seemed brighter than the ocean my heart filled with so many emotions and all those powers once forgotten layed again in the palm of my hand as if I had never lost them. The magic had been there all along waiting patiently as I walked through the fog. E Now each day I awake and stare at my fate, her beautiful face; hoping that this mirror will never break. I now rely on my eyes to produce the magic that lays hidden deep inside me. This time I will hold onto it more tightly, protecting it from my own uncertainties.

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