I Gota Keep Singing! Poem by Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

I Gota Keep Singing!

The mask I wear for the whole world to see

The smile I told myself to paint on me

The tears that roll down my very dry cheek

Ill never show anyone for that makes me weak

But somebody broke me they looked past the guise

The one I wore every day in which I ran away to hide

They told me what I was going through which was all right

I didn’t deny them, didn’t put up a fight

They said someone hurt me and in my heart left a scar

So that when I sang Gods presence didn’t move to far

That I was used to being in the back round

With no one paying me any attention

That when they praised my family my name they would not mention

And that’s exactly why I put my voice to the side

it wasn’t worth it for my praises were not high

id stand in the center yet feeling alienated

for my personality at the time was not stated

And id wave my hand and “yell what about me”

I sang with my heart couldn’t you see

But they only looked for the voices that had a nice sound

And not the girl that sang for Jesus all the way in the back round

But they took that away that smile that I used to have

Why sing for Jesus if it made me feel bad

for no one new what I was going through not even you

My parents my loved ones I was hoping you’d see through

The laughter the smile the voice that I had

Didnt you see me lost didnt u see me sad?

My life has been good I can not deny

But the fact is that I’ve been living a lie

It hurts me to the bone that they dont see the real me

The shy one the other one the one that is mean

And ya that was me that’s my definition

The comments the faces hav left me affected

What the people want is what my family has

But for me well pathetic and sad

For I hold grudges for things that don’t even mean

But after my sister left I was forced to sing

In church in concerts and even youth camp

And I was scared cause it was my turn to shine

To stand up and finally be a leader

For her courage was much deeper

She’d never get nervous and never wanna cry

For when I knew I had to sing id yell at god why

But id think again and say I asked for this

For all eyes on me the feeling of being famous

And still after everything was done

I still felt the same no feeling of shining like the sun

For I realized that if god isn’t in my life when I sing that theres no point

No presence will fall no one will rejoice for only a heart full of gods love can sing and heal someones hurt

so ill sing for Jesus and thru him ppl will convert

Ill make a differnce in at least a couple pplz lives

Ill sing to heal me so i can finally make it to the other side!

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