I'Ll Make It Thru The Day Poem by Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

I'Ll Make It Thru The Day

Sometimes i cry out of no where
Tears just start rolling down
I try my best to keep it in
But no one ever taught me how
People stare often wonder why im always cryin
Asking personal question
Me just wishing i wuz lien
''My daddy died a year back
When i was just fifteen
He told me he'd b there forever
But that's not how it seemed
Could never get over it
Though i tried with the little strength i had left
And boom in a minut, Depression was my best freind
My mom was never there for me
Since the very begining
So if u see me cry sometimes know that im just grieveing
Dont try and make me laugh
Dont try and make me smile
I used to be daddy's little girl
And now i have no father
I seem to loose my way sometimes
And hop into another world
It's feel's better over here
Im not sad anymore
Let me enjoy those moments when i feel in outer space
Where my pain is weightless
No feelings of guilt and shame
So many things i'd do different
But now it's all to late
My daddy died a year ago
But i'll make it thru the day

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