I Hate Cooking, And I Hate Onions After I Cut My Finger. Poem by Michael Gale

I Hate Cooking, And I Hate Onions After I Cut My Finger.

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Ouch, to cut my finger...
Pain and blood spills and does longly stay and linger.

To give my sliced append-aged digit a much needed bath...
I won't cook for a living, or go to school for typing or even take math.

Math and onions i do not like...
I'd rather have a tooth pulled or be super glued to a seat-less one peddled
down hill travelling brake-less bike.

I'll only eat onions that are totally cooked...I wont go to a restaurant and look on a menu to order it from the waitress, it will never be booked.

Hi hi hi hi 24 August 2020

I love cooking and nothing can change that I will be a chef when I'm older

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Bri Edwards 18 June 2018

third stanza is a gem! bri :)

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Brian Jani 03 July 2014

Yah i can relate to this situation depicted in your poem.

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Kimberly Kastner 31 January 2009

Nice poem. and btw, I hate math and onions too!

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Michael Gale

Michael Gale

Chicago Illinois/Oklahoma City.
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