In A Negative World’s Story Poem by sarwar chowdhury

In A Negative World’s Story

Rating: 5.0

Dreams are flying with joy here
Hopes are whispering noone care

Why it is happening? I don't know
Some are friend here some are foe

Nothing can live inside the zero
worthless some 'being' getting hero.

Blue Eyes 25 August 2008

i don`t see this world such a negative place but i like the poem well done

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Ershad Mazumder 24 July 2008

Excellant piece dear sarwar. Share more and more poems

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Tori Haynes 11 July 2008

much said nice piece

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a well written poem... short and simple yet meaningful. best regards, joan d.h.

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Crystle Jones 22 July 2009

i think, these are the best poems. very little words, yet so much meaning. not something many can do. a great accomplishment im my eyes. truely genius

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Chitra - 14 February 2009

much said in this interesting piece

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Ashraful Musaddeq 23 October 2008

Small and cute poem. 10 with love.

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Linda Moore 08 October 2008

I like this very much, It is very hard to be around negativity, we can not live in zero. It is best to let go of negative thoughts and people. They have a way of infecting our lives.....10

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Anna jonson 13 September 2008

a negative world? i never heard there is a negative world but even if there is it's not my world...goood and short..enjoyed

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sarwar chowdhury

sarwar chowdhury

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