I Have To Go Poem by hopeless 111

I Have To Go

Rating: 3.3

i have to go
it is time to know
iam not the woman in your drew
i have to go
where there is no suffer to know
where life bring me to hope
i have to go
not to continue in deceiving you
to let you meet the woman you know
i have to go
you may not understand what i have to do
time will pass you may know
i have to go
to meet my hero too
but this time there is no suffer to know
i have to go
i learned from my past state
to let hope cover my soul
i have to go
iam afraid not to meet the one that make me feel
the true love that change soul
i have to go
fear is here that make me freeze
when i think of living in past shadows
i have to go
to face my miserable fate
or to stay in a dark place where there is NO.

Lola Hi 31 July 2009

i like it there is times when we should go to nowhere but we had to go ur words are really strong and reflect.good

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Mhebheru Mhlongo 29 November 2008

Look Honey if its how i understand it, dnt quit in life and hurry death coz there is still lot of future ahead of you. live that

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Dr Kamran Haider 27 October 2008

Your thoughts have power but you got to make them look more expressive and should be able to make a link with the reader... Nive effort... you have the guts, just need to keep saying your heart... Regards, Kamran

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Yasser Koor 15 October 2008

it is good poem to and as i told you that you used strong and nice words. deceiving you face my miserable fate nice work hopeless

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Mohammad Al-kurdi 30 May 2008

gorgeous? and maybe more.it shows that sb was sleeping and dreeming, and he has just woken up to feel the real life.and it's not a dream it's a journey that could be done just like a sweetdream...

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