When I Know The Truth Poem by hopeless 111

When I Know The Truth

when i know the truth
· i cant believe myself
· o i cant imagine that
· iam in love with him
· how could i be in love
· how could how could

· i must do something
· to stop this feeling to end
· what is it?
· i need someone to help
· but not him
· he really hurted me

· i loves him so much
what could i do to stop this feeling to end

when i met him
· i thought my life begin
· to have all the pleasure
· to have a happy life
· to live with him

· everything began to start
· to have a joyful love
· i prepared myself to begin my life with him

· but everything suddenly began to change
i know the truth
· my life began to end
· he is no more in love
· with his sad girl

· i know the truth
· he have a girl friend
· i want to kill myself
· for being so stupid to think
· iam his only love

· i want to kill myself
· tell me my real friend
· what to do with him
· i must have an end

Kuji Soliman 08 September 2009

i loved this peice, , , , loved it bgad!

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Ridge Cahill 27 October 2008

Your sadness and desperation is palatable. Embrace it, own it and you will be rewarded.

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Yasser Koor 17 October 2008

ooh please don't hold your self more saddness, try to gorget i know it is so hard to gorget but u must forget, , and when u look around u will found real friends, , and lover may hurt but the hurt is good if we can to heal. nice poem but sad

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Mohammad Al-kurdi 18 June 2008

we cannot change the past.everything is done.itis his loss, and don't care about him my friend if we can use him instead of it.

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