Alone, Alone Poem by hopeless 111

Alone, Alone

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Alone in the dark room
No one cares about me
so Lonely that i don`t find one to say ' hey '
No one can understand my feelings, my pain
No one can satisfy my soul
My soul covered with Darkness
empty with the precious values
full of the nothingness of the world
the estrangement forms a pic, a wired pic
No one can see, except me

so frightened this world
trying to escape from the pic
no hope to make it a way
following me as myself
Have one aim is to kill
decide to stop running
to find away to hide

New feeling i got to release
For the first time iam ready for the fight
But, it`s not important who will win
What really matters that ' i tried to prove myself '

Dr Hitesh Sheth 09 April 2009

Cry Cry Cry.....that's what i read here..............your poems depicts the same theme..yea you are alone.......all are alone..........what's new..............What really matters that ' i tried to prove myself ' ready for fight......dont say i am having blue and i dont have a clue..........and no one is here to woo........Just say I shall fight.....Good Write.....

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Aiswarya. T.anish 10 April 2009

What really matters is that you need to prove yourself. Beautiful write.

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Allemagne Roßmann 10 April 2009

the estrangement forms a pic, a wired pic No one can see, except me I like this part of the stanza as it is enigmatic of my present life which will be past tomorrow.But you have tread all this past, present and future and everything alone that comes your way until you are not alone anymore...finding someone or uniting with God.

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Hazem Al Jaber 11 April 2009

sadly one, , , yes it is.. sadly and well penned.. its so hard to live among all while you feel a loneliness, , beautiful one.. hazem al..

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Indira Renganathan 21 April 2009

A courageous challenge should help you from loneliness....nice write10

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Roseann Shawiak 01 April 2015

Wow! What an intense poem of struggle and ending up proving yourself. Loneliness and being alone can be so devasting to a human being. You described the battle within very well, my stomach was in knots while reading it. This poem touched the very within of my soul. Great poem! Thank you for sharing it. RoseAnn

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Ramesh Rai 29 September 2014

Ask the stars to lend some of his light. beautiful write.

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its dark, but great. I read it as a fight to be noticed and a struggle ending with proving yourself.

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The Lost.. 22 October 2009

woderful poem thats it :)

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Doha Ewiess 27 August 2009

the poem is so nice...its so meaningfull and perfectly describes what the one feels when he is alone...and you use no difficult expressions of English language which makes is better and better....very very good work friend...deserves appreciation! !

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