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Alone, Alone

Alone in the dark room
No one cares about me
so Lonely that i don`t find one to say ' hey '
No one can understand my feelings, my pain

The End Of Fake Called Love

The end of a fake called love i started one day

The end of a a lie called love
The end of a feeling I felt one day


close your eyes
you have to dream
you can see whatever you need
you have to make a real dream

When I Know The Truth

when i know the truth
· i cant believe myself
· o i cant imagine that
· iam in love with him

Go Away Go Away

go away go away
i can not force you to stay
but, what i know you will return
you must go away to know

Only Me That Suffers

only me that suffers
only girls that suffer
only girls that always being in love with others
only girls that still thinking of love forever

Love And Suffer

never try to be shy
when you look at the sky
just trust yourself
and yourlife will begin

I Have To Go

i have to go
it is time to know
iam not the woman in your drew
i have to go


the empty world all i see
the dark covers everywhere
frightened souls got no where to settle
fear, terrible, scary scene

When I Find Myself

When I find myself I began to think to
Be in love with him or a good friend
I don’t know she is
She is in love with him

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