I Just Can’t Get Enough Of You Poem by Ken e Hall

I Just Can’t Get Enough Of You

Rating: 4.7

The white of fresh glistening snow
Copies your soft silken skin aglow,
Mirrored reflection of your eyes
Blaze the blue afternoon skies
Your body’s aurora’s magnetic chain
Calming holds me firmly in lover’s lane
Like a fresh blueberry honey ice-cream
I want to suck you, lick you, eat you clean,
I just can’t get enough of you'
The creative mind of the Mona Lisa
Copied your face for beauty’s teaser,
Like a drunken prince with no balance
On the highwire of love I fell no chance,
Of the billions of souls of this earth that dwell
Heaven sent me you, thankyou
Oh God I think your swell.

Meggie Gultiano 15 November 2009

wow..Ken..this is beautiful..! ! !

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Catrina Heart 15 November 2009

Wow...just lovely and romantic! ! !

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Patti Masterman 16 November 2009

Wow! It's a love poem just to god. I totally love it. (smile)

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Nikunj Sharma 21 November 2009

This is one as stupendous as your other poems are...smart, sweet, swift...full of images, the reader is hooked till the end..........I really liked the phrases...mirroed reflection....blazing the sky....drunken prince....thinging of your swell............wow is the word Ken

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Anjali Sinha 24 November 2009

ooooooooo! ! ! ! ! she must be thrilled to the bones so much of that honey with nougat or rum and raisons! ! ! ! ! ! yours is always awesome -10 anjali

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Malaya Roses 01 February 2011

I am very impress with the depth of poet's love. In this poem... the poet really embrace the lover and thankful God for such wonderful feeling. The poet display a very focus and strict idea of his love without negative element and this is a superb poem and who ever in love must read it.

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Christine Kysely 31 January 2011

A really Wonderful Poem Ken! I enjoyed reading it....love the 'mirrored reflection fo you' line! Best Regards, Christine

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Anita Trivedi 30 August 2010

Wow... what a wonderfull poem.... great flow...

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 08 August 2010

‘The white of fresh glistening snow Copies your soft silken skin aglow’ ~ Vow ~ gliding metaphoric take off ‘Heaven sent me you, Oh God I think your swell’. ~ I’m indeed on the oceanic swell of your spilling emotion …indeed a terrific Lady Luck…if I were like your angel lol… thanks for sharing Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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Dwi Utami 15 July 2010

Wow peaceful poem, and i'like read this poem, you are realy poet.: thumb: : thumb: : thumb: : thumb:

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