I Want A Woman Poem by Tears From A Soldiers Eyes

I Want A Woman

Rating: 4.5

I cant wait to find the woman thats just for me
I know she's out there but where could she be
Ive seached alll over the world
In this never ending search for that one special girl
I cant wait to find her so our love can unfurl
i want a woman to make me smile whenever I see her face
One that I know nothing would make me replace
I want a woman with a kiss so warm
One that I can cuddle within the mist of any storm
I want a woman to know when she's with me
There's no other place in the world she'd rather be
I want a woman thats really something
I want a woman with a flame I would never have to rekindle
I want a woman with a love that will never d'windle
I want a woman thats silly as can be
I want a woman to appriciate the humor in me
How would I act when I find that one
It does'nt really matter, for my search will finally be done.

Brysha Mull 06 December 2006

I really enjoy this poem. My brother just got done with his 1st tour of duty in Iraq and he goes back in 3 months. Thank you very much! ! peace and love brysha mull

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Debora Johnson 10 December 2006

I believe that love will find you, not other way around.Just when you least expect it.

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Soumita Sarkar 19 January 2015

Beginning of a lovely journey and ending with a hope to happiness n fulfillment.....Liked it....

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Stacey Watts 26 August 2008

I hope you find your true love. This is a great poem. Very nicely written.

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Catisha Staley 01 April 2008

Wow that peom was breathtaking that's the only word that I can use to describe it, and your peom captured how I feel and it good to know that guys feel this way too because most of the time guys act kinda shallow.

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Sam D 06 January 2008

Wow Daniel! This poem is amazing and you WILL find that girl soon! Dont give up! I still havent found the guy for me but im not giving up. You will find her because with all the emotion and passion you put into this poem anybody would be crazy not to like you! Keep it up!

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Claire Jones 26 February 2007

You have alot of passion and it comes through in the way you write, really enjoyed this one! CJ.xx.

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