Just A Girl Poem by Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

Just A Girl

Confused, hyper, addicted, procrastinate
Me, im just a girl, i only have two eyes,
Never been a small size,
I have just two ears
Yet in God i fear
I have just two lips, to speak the truth
Just one nose, to sense bad news
I may speak with power, i may strategize
But the truth is if you choose LIFE
Worlds not gonna be giving you a high five
No more drinkinng or smoking that can kill you in the end
No more partying or gambling
That leaves you bruised up on the road side bench
No cursing or fighting that makes people cry
No more cutting, or pain, no more suicide
Never a moment where u feel alone, a freind for always,
A place u can always call home
A father, a spirit an amazing feeling
Gives you talents and courage and physical healing
Thats the GOd that u choose to accept
He's the one that can help u too get ur needs met
He'll take all your problems and place them on his shoulder's
He'll carry u in your storms and be your awaiting soldier
AMen AMen...just give it all to him
YOur now a child of the heavens
ANd an angel he sends!

Not A Dream Choice 02 November 2009

a bit hard to read without space but anyway i liked the idea^^

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