I'M The One For You' Poem by Bernard Snyder

I'M The One For You'

Rating: 3.1

I will always stand by your side
even if the whole world was against you,
I would plant you a garden of roses
if I thought it would convince you,
I would pamper you every day and night
without you even asking,
I'd make sure your hair and nails are done,
and keep you dressed in the latest fashions,
I know this sounds a bit extraordinary
but nothing I've said is out of reach,
I'll show you that I'm the one for you
and back up everything that I preach,
also, I'd never do anything to make you doubt me
or have you question my commitment,
you would always know that I'm totally into you
even more so when I'm hittin' it,
and anything your little heart desires
I can guarantee you'll be gettin' it
because as long as you know I'm the one for you
I don't care if the entire world is listening.

Btyfulone 22 May 2020

Absolutely adore this written prose... I hope she was listening- I would have!

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Guy Lip-more 10 August 2013

If this isn't love, I don't know what is! Fantastic write.

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Unwritten Soul 17 October 2011

I smiled while i reached the line '...hair and nails are done' it's funny in sweet hahahaha But really i can feel inside through your breathe here, on writing. The sweet words you gave here should stop any flame of other flammable fears because it so hopeful and i really want to see it give a good shine to bright the dark till the 'end of time'...Such a lovely writing and i like it sooooooo much :) writ more Bernard_Unwritten Soul

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Stefanie Fontker 04 October 2011

Lovely write! The love and affection is very clear here, I enjoy the expression of commitment here. You've done a beautiful job.

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