'If I Had A Son' Poem by Bernard Snyder

'If I Had A Son'

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I would sit him down and tell him to include God in everything he does
first and foremost. I would then remind him how important
it is to get a good education. I would tell him there will come a time when he must make decisions in life all on his own, so I'd like
him to be able to listen to his heart and trust his intuition. I would tell him to treat people with the utmost respect but don't let them walk over him. I would tell him under no circumstance should he hit a woman, because it would show a lack of respect for her and
a sign of weakness in him as a man. If I had a son I would look him in his eyes and
tell him of the many mistakes I've made, with hopes he won't make the same ones.
I would speak to him about this imperfect world we live in and how he must learn to adapt and act accordingly. I would tell him no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, but it is very important to learn from each one. I would tell my son to always listen, because it would allow him to see things from different perspectives. I would remind him that all friends aren't necessarily his friend and how he'd be able to distinguish the difference in time of need. I would speak to him emphatically
about morals and values. I would tell him to pray often because prayer changes things. I would tell my son to always have ‘faith' because things won't always go his way, but with faith, he would have a reason to keep his head up. I would speak to my son about ‘peer pressure' and how insignificant material things are compared to the way he conducts himself in his every day ‘walk of life'. I would alarm him that he might be stereotyped, not because of who he is, but simply because of the color of his skin. I would tell him whatever he chooses to be in life, try and be the best at it. And when he finally asks me about love, I will say to him ‘now is when you should listen to your heart!

Charity Nduhiu 23 July 2014

That is very very encouraging i hope by now you have a son good luck. Good advice

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Khairul Ahsan 13 August 2013

A masterpiece all fathers would be happy to read and convey to their sons.10/10.

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Ramesh Rai 05 August 2013

i don't think any good poem on teaching by a father to his son. A poem full of good teachings and to learn lesson. every father should read this beautiful write. i include this in my list and also mail to my two sons who are 600km afar from me. thank you so much for sharing. with regards

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Elena Plotkin 01 August 2013

Beautiful and eloquent.

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Unwritten Soul 23 April 2012

Hmm...I am touched with all words, honest, pure and whitest from you Bernard, I love this poem..it cool all shaky waves in the sea, it shake all quietness in the space..Beautiful write and amazing heart. I adore this advices! thanks for nice words for us and US haha_Unwritten Soul

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