I Quit Poem by Eric Cockrell

I Quit

Rating: 4.9

i quit trying to save the world...
and just offered my hand,
and walked beside it.
i quit trying to find the truth,
for it was already within me.
i quit trying to tell anyone anything,
and just listened in perfect stillness.
i quit trying to be religious,
and found the sacred in the common.
i quit trying to stop the wars,
and let the wars within me end!
i quit trying to find god,
and just looked in the mirror.
i quit fighting for freedom,
and found a freedom they couldnt take.
i quit shouting out for justice,
and walked in a way that was just.
i quit wanting to own anything,
and so broke the final bonds.
i quit trying to be what they wanted,
and decided to be myself.
i quit blaming, condemning, and accusing,
and took the responsibility on myself.
i quit trying to make myself a name,
and walked in nobody's shoes.
i quit staring from behind the bars,
that were never really there.
i quit seeking to define and hold,
and just let go and lived.
i quit hiding from death, and opened the door,
and found the light from which darkness
is made!

Valerie Dohren 24 August 2012

Really love this poem Eric, it is so full of wisdom and truth.

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Dave Walker 24 August 2012

Fantastic and powerful poem, like it.

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Lyn Paul 24 August 2012

That is truly amazing Eric, beatiful words that we can all learn from. Thank You for this.

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 23 August 2012

That is what happened to most of the people in the world! we are engrossed with out own mortgages, fear, tear and pain! who has done this to us!

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