I See U Everywhere Poem by Tareq Jalabi

I See U Everywhere

Rating: 4.8

i see your face
in every place
while smiling
and when i cry
nothing but your face
i see in the sky
i watch a star
in outer space
it also turns out
to be your face
my life is hell
i live it with disgrace
dying all night
fighting for the light
for the only hope
i can see in sight
which is meeting u
that seems so bright
stupidly for u
i still fight
giving up on u
is what`s right

me i blame
for knowing your name
i feel ashame
for enduring the pain
for living the dream
of seeing u again

Stacey Nettles 11 March 2009

your poemes evoke so much emotion in me i love it. a lot of people write but don't put true emotions in it.

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Katherine Ng Li Hoon 30 December 2008

Good write! Keep it up!

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Truthful Light Treeclimber 27 December 2008

i can relate to this all too well, i love your poems they fill me with a hope that i cannot escape of more people like you living their lives for others, i wished on a star tonight that i may find true love within myself because i've given up of finding it in a guy

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Kimber Harrison 03 December 2008

I absolutely love it!

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Amie-Lee ...... 13 November 2008

Nice poem, thanks for sharing :)

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Ro'ya Abdulaal 15 September 2009

Usually, I'm not a fan of love poems, but that was amazingly written, well expressed and beautifully ended. Well done

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Adriana C 11 September 2009

you are definitively the eternal love poem!

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Ashraful Musaddeq 27 June 2009

Melodious lovely poem...

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You have written this with sensitivity and straight from your heart. As the title suggests we do see everywhere what we crave and I commend for your honesty. 10 Karin Anderson

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Ana Guerrero 13 March 2009

This one made me smile for some reason. I can so easily relate to this one. It's very scary for me this one but I do love it

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