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Burn me to ashes
and throw them in the air
when you see flashes
to that area please stare

i always work to pay the loan
you only see me running or on the phone
i work all the time even at dawn
i have my money so I`m not alone

I am holding a knife
By which to end my life
Driving it through my guts
You may consider me nuts

i am sad
i am blue
i`ve nothing to live for
and nothing else to do

without me you will have nothing but torment and mischief
go on and leave me renounce your belief
anyway our tree has only one leaf
it is one of sadness one of grief

i see your face
in every place
while smiling
and when i cry

he is the inspiration
to my every creation
Concerning my life and education
he helps me move every cloud



I`ve never cried
until she died
lying in bed
rolling from side to side

i feel so happy
being by your side
whenever near you
my smile i couldn`t hide

You should recognize
that a lover here lies
he says he wasn`t killed
that`s the truth he denies

Love is an energy
which could not be worn out
but it changes through life
from artist to art

my soul is distressed
my heart is ill
love must be confessed
and i love her still

virginity is a treasure
shouldn`t be given away
to someone that his love
in your heart wont stay

My life has ended two days ago
when you allowed your heart to someone else go
what a fool i am, i still love you although
you`ve left me without thinking what you me owe

because of the heat of your love
my heart had melt
i knew not what`s happening
but i knew what i felt

when you were brought to the sky
because youre more beautiful
its angels started to cry
and for taking your soul

we are living today
to die another day
what is the point of living
if your heart will decay

She came to me as a hallusination
her beauty was beyond my imagination
i fantasized her breath and intonation
they were the warmest in God`s nation

I n my soul which is distressed
A t all times you have been the best
M iracle that happened to me
B lessed with it, i hope again i`ll be

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I am an English Literature student. I am as i think, a sensitive, over-reactional person. I am 22.I like poetry a lot.)

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Ashes Of Love

Burn me to ashes
and throw them in the air
when you see flashes
to that area please stare
keep opening your eye-lashes
you may find me there
a piece of me might fly
and settle on your hair
but will you know me
will you be aware
or will you mix me
with the dirt of the air
say the naked truth
please do swear
to come to my grave
only if you care
then feel your own soul
and you will find mine there
tell me your feelings
your pain with me share
and then mixing souls
will be no longer rare

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Sipho Khumalo 14 September 2009

hi Big Boss I really thin you explored your twin towers and keep tyt and well as that you going far. Please comment on my poem and i will let you know if i have something new.

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Dian Hayati 25 November 2008

ooww..u describe it simply n mature..love it!

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Jamie Simmons 20 July 2008

I like how you play with the darker side of the emotion love. Most poets write about the overly mushy side of it, but you put the broken heart into a prespective that many other poets can't seem to get to.

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Vivian Pena 19 June 2008

CRAZY LOVE is my fav its so emoish and has a dark twist which some what remind me of myself and the type of luv i have great job

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