Left Alone Poem by Tareq Jalabi

Left Alone

Rating: 4.6

without me you will have nothing but torment and mischief
go on and leave me renounce your belief
anyway our tree has only one leaf
it is one of sadness one of grief
stolen from heaven by an honest thief

but god sent an angel to my way
to punish me and take it away
i fought him so he made it decay
you hadn`t stood by me so together we couldn`t stay

As much as I loved you No one would do
anything could be false but my love is true

Pranab K Chakraborty 23 October 2010

AS MUCH AS I LOVED YOU NO ONE WOULD DO Eternal utterance of a lover. Fire of love never extinguishes, temporariness simply misguide to skit from the track. It commonly happens due to our nonsatiated thirst for unknown. Written well your intense inclination and use of the metaphor is brilliant. The use of tree with one leaf reminds me a short story of O' Henry. But here its use is different. Honest thief has stolen it where angel also appears to take it away. The leaf is made of sadness and grief.....when it has gone bid it goodbye. Start again from your searching level zero. Thank you. Write more.10/10 Regards, pranab

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Jenny Gordon 15 October 2010

I like your end-rhyming very well. You did a nice job with it. It is quite the bittersweet poem. Your warning at the beginning is rather frightening. I like your metaphors, you painted quite the scene, a lonely helpless, friendless one. I love the strength of your love, and for that, wish she never had left.

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Rachel Stoddard 15 October 2010

i like the poem, the strength and sorrow at the same time

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Crystal Bradley 19 September 2010

'Go on and leave me, renounce your belief ', such passion and depth in these words. I enjoyed it very much.

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Uktamoy Kholdorova 08 September 2010

It Is very nice poem of love!

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Kat Kaufman 01 February 2012

awww... i can relate. this is a beautiful, lovely poem and so very true. thanks for sharing it [3

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Ncamie Pretty Khanyile 12 December 2010

My heart beat fast towards my breast for your emotions flow with every system in your body and sorely everything can be false but love never compensate a lie

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Margo Dove 01 December 2010

Very nice way to speak of God and living without Him.

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Taylor Dubay 29 November 2010

this is a deep poem. I could read it over and over and find new ways to percieve it. :) I like poems that get me thinking

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Ronell Warren Alman 02 November 2010

it is amazing how much sorrow one feels when he or she is left alone! Nicely penned here!

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