Ashes Of Love Poem by Tareq Jalabi

Ashes Of Love

Rating: 4.6

Burn me to ashes
and throw them in the air
when you see flashes
to that area please stare
keep opening your eye-lashes
you may find me there
a piece of me might fly
and settle on your hair
but will you know me
will you be aware
or will you mix me
with the dirt of the air
say the naked truth
please do swear
to come to my grave
only if you care
then feel your own soul
and you will find mine there
tell me your feelings
your pain with me share
and then mixing souls
will be no longer rare

Ana Guerrero 13 March 2009

Wow Im serious you are amazingly good I love it!

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O Anna Niemus 12 January 2009

I am one of those who has taken many lives to learn that the omnipresent God is inside each of us.. providing all we need. I no longer need be under the illusion that one needs completion from another. It has been a very bitter school.

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Katherine Ng Li Hoon 30 December 2008

Good job keep it up!

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 30 December 2008

A unique poem in description and style. Last two lines are wonderful.

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*Trusting You* 26 December 2008

your ending is amazing! ! ! I love it! such strong work and really cool message. great job. Becca

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Jessie Bernabe Cadsawan 22 November 2009

Awesome! You express yourself very well, a descriptive poet! I know, cause we have many things in common to our poems.. I'm inviting you to visit my poetry!

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Ro'ya Abdulaal 17 September 2009

Wow, I’m touched, impressed and speechless. It’s very deep, strong and gloomy. Your words are golden and your idea is unique; it’ll stick in the mind of your reader for ages. I’m NOT exaggerating but seriously this is beyond amazing and I think you are a great poet with a great natural talent. Keep up the good work I wouldn't change anything

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Amanda Williams 01 June 2009

Hi Blue eyes, your poems are very much real and experiences that i relate to through thought or real life. I like this poem, your a great poet

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Sandra Fowler 01 June 2009

Startling originality. Written with music and passion. 10, from me. Kind regards, Sandra

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Identification Accepted 12 April 2009

excellent. really enjoyed reading this

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