Humanity Poem by Tareq Jalabi


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i`m like the undead
shaking my head
all my life
having no drive
i`ve lost faith in humanity

coz humans live a tragedy
and the ones with big bucks
keep them in a hundred locks
while humans are dying
fishes they are frying
drinking ancient wine
while others are drying
what happened to hearts
are they now rock

In the best senario
and with a bit of luck
you will find no mercy
and nothing but a block

Ershad Mazumder 12 October 2008

Really very good piece. Its really poetic. I share your views.

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Anjali Sinha 12 October 2008

this is the true scenario nowadays- while humans are dying- 'fishes they are frying drinking ancient wine' +++10 regards anjali

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Ency Bearis 11 October 2008

a great verses..well narrated.. Ency Bearis

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Sathyanarayana M V S 11 October 2008

Bravo Blue Eyes! This is the kind of subject I love most. So very well written. Thanks for sharing. Write more such poems//////////10

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Reina Lorenzo 22 November 2008

great.... great.. great... all i can say is, keep it up! !

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Mimi Fakhira 24 June 2009

This poem really touched my heart... let us smash down the wall of discrimination! Well done, blue eyes!

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Carol Gall 27 May 2009

so right the world is a mess all one can do is his best to make his world better

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Katherine Ng Li Hoon 30 December 2008

A well written poem!

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Truthful Light Treeclimber 27 December 2008

your heart is the key to unlock the bolted lock, please set free the rest of humanity

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Leslie Ching 27 December 2008

how seems that the world has grown to that each person is his or her own...real selflessness is rather hard to find these days... regards, leslie ching

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