I Was Not False To Thee Poem by Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

I Was Not False To Thee

Rating: 2.4

I WAS not false to thee, and yet
My cheek alone looked pale;
My weary eye was dim and wet,
My strength began to fail.
Thou wert the same; thy looks were gay,
Thy step was light and free;
And yet, with truth, my heart can say,
I was not false to thee!

I was not false to thee, yet now
Thou hast a cheerful eye,
With flushing cheek and drooping brow
I wander mournfully.
I hate to meet the gaze of men,
I weep where none can see;
Why do I only suffer, when
I was not false to thee?

I was not false to thee; yet oh!
How scornfully they smile,
Who see me droop, who guess my woe,
Yet court thee all the while.
'Tis strange! but when long years are past,
Thou wilt remember me;
Whilst I can feel until the last,
I was not false to thee!

Leslie Sharp 15 February 2015

This kinda reminded me of my marriage I can truly say, I was truly true to thee, yet still I got scorn. A marriage of many years ago which I still feel like I get scorn over.

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Tom Allport 03 March 2017

a poem of the effect on someone who is not believed even though they were telling the truth.

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Alex Sarich 03 March 2017

very strong words, thanks.

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Edward Kofi Louis 03 March 2017

My heart can say! ! Thanks for sharing.

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Susan Williams 09 July 2017

I guess we all know who was false to whom

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Ratnakar Mandlik 03 March 2017

A wonderful life song lamenting over the infidelity of the marriage partner in spite of the lady's full loyalties and deep love with her husband. Thanks for sharing.

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Brian Mawadri 03 March 2017


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Amar Agarwala 03 March 2017

A nice poem on love and betrayal.

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Susan Williams 03 March 2017

Sounds very much like he was not faithful to her and this bewildered her and hurt her and opened her to the scorn of others- -probably women, and most probably the women he was being unfaithful with. Poor lady- -trapped in a marriage where only one is married.

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