Lost Her Again….. Poem by Anita Trivedi

Lost Her Again…..

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Sitting in corner of my room,
Putting my head on my knee I was
crying for her doom…..

Last night her soul came to meet me
when I was crying in my room,
She wiped my tears & hugged me so that
I can forget all my gloom.
Just because of my ego we lost all
But our friendship was alive in deep
heart that’s the only fact.

Just that day before her death when I
was cleaning my cupboard I found my slam book,
It took me those beautiful memories & our
separations horrible look.
I gave a call on that old number & wished
that number is not fake,
Her father received a call & told “she is in
cancer’s last stage.
After hearing that almost I was deaf & rushed
to her home,
I was thinking whole way that just because of
my ego I left her alone.

Sitting in corner of my room,
Putting my head on my knee I was
crying for her doom…..

Trains were closed coz of heavy
Even taxi got caught in traffic’s
Somehow I reached her home soon,
Looking at each other our heart
was beating in one tune.

She had hold her last breath only for
me her eyes told,
She closed her eyes in front of me oh!
Life took so many folds.
We were childhood friends always wanted
to be together,
But again destiny took us away from each
Looking at my slam book I thought that to
my friend I’ve gained,
But all scattered I lost her again.

Sitting in corner of my room,
Putting my head on my knee I was
crying for her

{This poem I message to the society, especially to those people who don’t care for other’s emotions
Just only because of their ego. Please don’t be victim of ego. sometimes it may cause biggest loss to you.}

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Matt Mooney 15 July 2010

We let time pass by when it comes to renewing friendships and relationships.This poem is an emotional account of how time does not stand still and how deep feelings for someone cannot be left unexpressed without a tearful outcome. At the same time in this case 'better late than ever' and there is an obvious timely expression of mutual love albeit in sad circumstances.10.

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Pranab K Chakraborty 15 July 2010

Your appeal perhaps to you first who has still the touch of her friendship. Let her go alone but who is still alive that is you, if you try to exist as yourself make it the memory simply and come out of the trance. Ego is a must quality of a human being, only when one is in the grave perhaps only then one is out of it. But we should practice in social life compromising unstandingness, it is a rare quality which human should acquire again. Well-written another sensitive writing which paints the poet's poetic efficiency. Regards, 10+ Apoet Bangla

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Aastha Uppal 15 July 2010

emotions and feelings of a beautiful relationship - friendship perfectly beaded together in the strings of human errors.. its humans who commit mistakes in life but are surely entitled many chances to correct them.. an egoist may not always be one.. and blaming oneself never has and never will help to come out of our dark side.. the ego will go only when we make an effort instead of brooding over the harm it has already caused... nice flow and great write....

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Antonio Liao 16 July 2010

Like cream in the cone of ice...coldness hammock the lips.....gorgeous poem I ever read....God bless

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Preetam Shetty 16 July 2010

May no one ever find such pain....you have represented a very striking story....I am touched

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Ramesh Rai 04 October 2013

Ego is nothing but foolishness. a nice tribute to your frnd

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Kunal Seth 26 January 2011

Hey This was again a very emotional piece if creativity but one thing common that I see here and in 'I wish..' is the sense of loss in both the cases the victim is you..My friend I appreciate your strength..Keep Walking... -me

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C N Prem Kumar 24 July 2010

The false ego gets a picturesque description through this poem. Very touchy and the feel is great.

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Dr Antony Theodore 24 July 2010

Just because of my ego we lost all contacts, you are touching a very great theme of life and relationship... read sree ramakrishna paramahamsas teachings. he always spoke Ego.. it leads u to enlightenment. write and meditate more on the same theme.. you will help humans in their relationship with God and men.

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Amrit Rathi 18 July 2010

The poem is true expression of the pain of losing a friend just because of ego.The poem is so much full of pathos and feelings, it deserves 10+++

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