If Life’s A River Poem by Anita Atina

If Life’s A River

Rating: 5.0

If life’s a river
Flowing on a course
Long proven to be the best way
To reach the sea, then flow on

If the rocks and boulders
Are the cross
Each one of us is given to bear
Let our river flow around rocks

Over time, the sharp edged rocks will
Be rounded by the rivers flow
Ever there, but not so jagged
As they were before

The ever changing banks have seen
A trickle grow into a youthful stream
And swelling into a mighty river
That sometimes mingles with another

Every river looks for a path
That’s less rocky, a shorter way to the sea
Ever quietly flowing
Ceaselessly searching

Until one day, when it is time
A new path opens
The river changes path
And yet, every river pours into the sea.

Al Ramos 16 July 2008

You did it again, I will try to reach my goal the easiest way possible following the path of the river. Fine write.

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Stone Granite 13 July 2008

How wondrous a poem you write. Yea, all or everyone, as does the river, seeks the easiest path to the sea, . As the river avoids the rocks in its flow, so do we avoid the toil that is before us - in the end, our goal is the same - to reach our destination with the least impediments.

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David Champion 03 July 2008

Another wonderful and deeply wise poem which encourages us to calmly accept the natural course of our lives... beautiful...

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Kesav Easwaran 02 July 2008

that is the ultimate destination of river...meandering or not...so has so is life

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Ency Bearis 02 July 2008

life is a river to seek its own level...nice write Anita Best Wishes, Ency Bearis

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