~ Im Done. Poem by Dislocated Heart

~ Im Done.

Rating: 2.7

Sun shines down on me..
Why am i so cold?
My heart was given away,
Maybe to the wrong girl.
Why do i fall in love,
just to be hurt?

For once im done.
You made me more scared and afraid.
to even love again..

I guess im just done.

Marvin Brato 25 August 2008

What you felt is a universal thing... many if not all have fell the same thing but love is always there for the taking, it just a matter of time! A10.

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Katharine O'Neal 05 September 2008

i second what sailors bride said. really lovely work, sad in that you feel so cold and feel a need to just be done, but (again echoing sailors bride) don't give up. time, (some pain) and alot of effort will eventually find you the right girl who will fill you with a warmth the sun cannot ever provide

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Laura Anne 29 August 2008

That was beautiful. Don't give up. You will meet many a wrong person before you find the right one..

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Cassandra Chai 29 August 2008

I EXACTLY Know How You Feel! I Am Still Confused Here As I Don't Know If I've Loved The Wrong Guy But I'm Trying To Move On Now And It's VERY HARD! =[ I'm Not Sure Whether I Could Even Dare To Love Anyone Else Again... Just The Same As You And I Thought I Was The Only One Who Was Afraid To Love Again! Nice Poem! Sad Too... Keep Up! Good Luck And Have Fun! Take care! -Cassandra.

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Serenity Prayer 27 August 2008

very sad poem, but i understand where you are coming from. very well written and beautifully expressed.

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Bonnie Collins 26 August 2008

Very painfull write from within the walls of your shattered heart, BUT there are no gurarntees with Love my friend, move on, maybe this love was not ment to cultivate each others heart. Time will heal this I can reasure you, and someday you will look back and understand why... Somethings happen if life for a reason, sometimes for the worst of reasons and we are not to ask why, in life, you will discover that one day, I promice....... Bonnie

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