Immortality Poem by Matthew Arnold


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Foil'd by our fellow-men, depress'd, outworn,
We leave the brutal world to take its way,
And, Patience! in another life, we say
The world shall be thrust down, and we up-borne.

And will not, then, the immortal armies scorn
The world's poor, routed leavings? or will they,
Who fail'd under the heat of this life's day,
Support the fervours of the heavenly morn?

No, no! the energy of life may be
Kept on after the grave, but not begun;
And he who flagg'd not in the earthly strife,

From strength to strength advancing--only he,
His soul well-knit, and all his battles won,
Mounts, and that hardly, to eternal life.

id Rather Notsay 04 January 2012

Yup that's why Jesus (pbuh) was born on Earth...He was a prophet in order to warn the Children of Israel and to give them news of Heaven and Hell. He wasn't God. God sent him as a messenger. Jesus (pbuh) confirmed the messages of the prophets before him; he didn't change its consistency. God can not be man because God is too glorious for that. Think.

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Ramesh T A 07 September 2010

This world life is for those who face problems to solve for the better and not for the worn out souls; The capable persons of this world only can enjoy eternal life!

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Bro Bytte 27 December 2009

We cannot achieve heaven alone. There is no getting to heaven by the 'skin of our teeth.' Humans along are not good enough. That is why Jesus came to the earth. He was perfect and he died for us, to make up for our imperfections. If we try our hardest to be like him, even though we don't come close, he will take us the rest of the way to Heaven. I know that. It's not an opinion, it's a fact. If you want to know for yourself just pray to God. I promise you he will answer.

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saltedpeanut blank 07 September 2009

personally I think it reminds me of Norse mythology with only the brave souls in battle who have resolve to fight to the end for what they believe or their lively hood and die in battle. Of course I don't suppose I should give any one a history on the Valkyrie that take the souls of these men to Valhalla. I mean either that or the crusades fought in the medieval ages were both sides claimed they had a holy right to Jerusalem, and yes the crusaders we know now were mostly driven by money, but I don't think that would have been what Arnold learned of at any university of that time what with the subject of any corruption within the church such a touchy subject even hundreds of years later. I guess I'm trying to say Arnold died a while ago and I don't think he could be talking about the current war on terror, but rather the heroic Templar knights or maybe viking warriors. I mean that's just my thought on the subject take it how you want.

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Yodit Mussie 07 September 2009

its nice poem i really really love it

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Paresh Chakra 09 December 2018

Immorality is a very gorgeous poem

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Chinedu Dike 14 January 2017

Beautiful and insightful.

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Macanthony Chijioke Nwatu 07 September 2013

For sure! The energy of the human race is inexhaustible.

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Carlos Echeverria 07 September 2012

Anything worth having Must be earned In heaven or on Earth.

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Carlos Echeverria 07 September 2012

Anything worth having Must be earned In heaven or on Earth.

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