To The Girl Across The Street Poem by Susan Lacovara

To The Girl Across The Street

Rating: 5.0

You were my very first friend
With sunlit yellow hair,
which directly complimented my dark mane
We were a pair, uniquely different...
but, oh so much alike
In our search for childhood adventures...
we forgot to count hours
and sang our way through summer days
in a harmony that, now, has spanned
almost half a century....

It has been you, all along
knows how to bring about my laughter...
You, who has remained loyal
in your acceptance of my every fault...
And I can still return
to the playground of yesterday
and find you as my companion,
Best Friend....

Time has tamed us, just a little
Fate has brought about changes, unexpected...
Life has placed miles, but NEVER distance
between our everydays...

Where have the countless calendar days gone?

In my heart we will always be skipping
To the much loved 45's, from AM radio...
We'll pretend to be as grown up
as our older siblings
and share our dreams for the future,
while trying out the latest dance steps
stowed away, in each other's rooms

You went away, to become a wife and mother
(Something I am sure, your own mother applauds,
while sipping tea, with my mother, in heaven)
And I remain, on the Island of Long
not very far from where our friendship was forged...
Thinking sweetly, remembering kindly, missing always
The Girl Across The Street....

Saturday, December 28, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship
(12/28/13) For Jayne...I wish I could be there, sharing my birthday wishes, in person. For all my days, you will be my first friend...and the one who will last a lifetime! Hope this finds you smiling, dancing and toasting the New Year ahead, and forever young. I love you pal...Happy Birthday Baby! ! !
Kim Barney 16 February 2015

I love this. It really conveys a feeling of true and lasting friendship. Lucky is the person who has a friend like the one described here. I'm voting it a ten.

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Brian Stafford 16 February 2015

very nice, your friend is privileged to have a friend like you!

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Loaded with love and longing that captures the heart. Well done my friend,

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Uriah Hamilton 29 December 2013

A lovely read, nice to have such an enduring friendship.

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Khairul Ahsan 31 December 2013

I am touched by the warm tribute you have paid to your long lasting friendship with 'The Girl Across The Street'. Such friendship is priceless! 'we forgot to count hours and sang our way through summer days in a harmony that, now, has spanned almost half a century....' - It's such a pleasure to reminisce on this kind of memories! 'Life has placed miles, but NEVER distance between our everydays...' -So beautifully said, poetic indeed! 'Thinking sweetly, remembering kindly, missing always The Girl Across The Street.... ' - Very sweetly said. May you have unending peace and love!

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Sandra Feldman 24 October 2020

Anyone who has been lucky enough to have such a beautiful and deep, lifetime friendship like this can relate to this brilliant poem, entirely. It is not only and exceptionally well written piece but the narrative flows so naturally, we just can picture it and and above all feel the evolution of the sentiments that are the protagonists of the story. So very well written and enjoyable, a real gem to remember! Sincerest congratulations.

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Belle Wassermeister 23 October 2020

Revisiting this poem from my Favorites list. Truly outstanding! I have left comments on it before but I don't see them anymore!

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Akhtar Jawad 27 August 2018

A nice birthday poem to a missing friend.

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Simone Inez Harriman 07 July 2017

A friendship that is lasting is truly valuable. I'm sure you will share good times again. Sometimes years will pass without contact however when meeting again I'm sure it will be same.

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Edward Kofi Louis 11 May 2017

Friendship! ! With the muse of life. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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