In Vain Poem by Jack Kerouac

In Vain

Rating: 4.1

The stars in the sky
In vain
The tragedy of Hamlet
In vain
The key in the lock
In vain
The sleeping mother
In vain
The lamp in the corner
In vain
The lamp in the corner unlit
In vain
Abraham Lincoln
In vain
The Aztec empire
In vain
The writing hand: in vain
(The shoetrees in the shoes
In vain
The windowshade string upon
the hand bible
In vain—
The glitter of the greenglass
In vain
The bear in the woods
In vain
The Life of Buddha
In vain)

Lydia Kim 29 November 2014

This must've been written when he was going through one of his depressions. Anyone with depression knows everything seems to be in vain and bleakly hopeless. I think this is bit self indulgent for Jack and I'm pleased to be able to read what he was thinking at a dark time. It's as if he doesn't care whether or not someone else reads this. It's all for him all his own thoughts in writing.

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M Asim Nehal 03 November 2016

But not everything is in vain......though we see them when our perspective is different.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 14 June 2017

Everything is willed by God for the good....

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Douglas Scotney 14 June 2017

Kerouac meets HP Lovecraft

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Michael Walker 17 June 2017

Extremely well read on video, making a great poem even better.

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Michael Walker 14 June 2017

A rhetorical poem that glows with its own brilliance but not 'in vain'. Magnificent.

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Mario Vitale 14 June 2017

very nice piece here really deep in nature and freedom based

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Edward Kofi Louis 14 June 2017

Vanity! ! Thanks for sharing.

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This poem may written by the poet when he was depression and full of negative thoughts.

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