Innocence Lost Poem by Dave Alan Walker

Innocence Lost

Rating: 4.3

Oh lord forgive me
for what I have done
I know you shouldn't
go eye for an eye
but what would you have done

Listen to my confession
and tell me what I should have done

I see you in the morning
I see you in the night

I see your face
But I never see your eyes

You took away my innocence
You took away my life

I knew some day we'd meet again
But this time I'm a man

I saw you hurt someone
I said I'd die for you

then I pulled the knife and killed you

you took away my innocence

But I took away your life

Young Church Poetry 15 September 2011

What a sad story....! very very painful. its a real story and must be told, your God will forgive you. That monster would have done more and hurt many....

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Stefanie Fontker 19 September 2011

An eye for an eye, is not always the worst case, sometimes, to do less would be to create the most damage. Beautiful writing.

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Sonali Sings 30 October 2011

The poem leaves the reader thinking was the justice poses such challenges when hard cruel decisions turn out to be beneficial for the mankind. Good work.

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Mona Martinez 07 November 2012

wow. A powerful and beauitful poem. :)

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Ronn Michael Salinas 08 October 2012

Revenge is sweet. Karma is imaginary.

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Whisperkwane Lamb 09 July 2012

My brother life has away of seeing right when wrong and vice vesra the world is said to be round but a close look and you see that it is are not at blame my brother you saw the world round but it is not..good write..from within...I feel you...from a slaves piont of view...

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Lady Keva 29 November 2011

Thanks for the advice.... gr8 poem love it I can relate cause I think about taking his life all da time

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(De Va) 01 November 2011

so powerful......................hugs n blessings

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