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Rating: 4.8

He's just
Any old man
In any old bar
With a guitar

Then a drunk
Comes up and say's
Play us a barre

Every line on his face

Is a hook
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I love guitar and i play it while doin ma poetry. Good words, great poet.

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Tsira Gogeshvili 26 September 2011

Hi, dave, very sad poem though in a bar which always in a full smoke, nobody notice blues man's suffering except you ...10..... Thank you for the kind words.. Tsira

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Ramesh Rai 23 September 2014

Soulful write.Loved your emotional write as earlier.

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Adi Cox 28 September 2011

I like where this poem comes from. Maybe the hardships in life can sometimes be good for people and I like how this poem suggests that the blues we feel is not wasted on us and may be a helpfull emotion that keeps us going forward.

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... ... 28 September 2011

I am so feeling the blues - man. I would pay to see Jack... front row ticket any time.

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Julia Luber 15 June 2019

Great poem. I like poems about the blues. It is such an artistic and heart felt music so bringing poetry to that stage only makes sense.

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Dominic Windram 02 November 2018

Great poem..conjures up a vivid image of bluesman Jack

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Akhtar Jawad 07 April 2018

He took him to places he'd never been He took him back With the sweet sound of home He took him To where he had grown A lovely poem.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 05 September 2017

I love a good blues. Imaginative.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 11 July 2015

loved this piece... because I love the blues myself.

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