Irony Of Life Poem by Kavya .

Irony Of Life

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What an Irony of life
that applies to all
under the sun
from which no one can run

As a child
You have plenty of time and energy
But no money!

As an adult
You have plenty of money and energy
But no time!

As you grow old
You have plenty of time and money
But no energy!

So its better to act wise now
And welcome every morning with a 'wow'
Fully utilise your present
And rejoice every moment

This is the thumb rule
Just play it cool!

Cherret Leakey 29 May 2013

wonderfull creativity

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Zubiya Surti 29 May 2013

wow! beautiful.this is so true....a child asks his father to play puzzle with him, but dad had no time...years later the dad looks at those puzzle pieces and wonders that now his son does not have time for him.Irony of life! ! ! 1

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Jodie Hardy 28 August 2013

Very true, that's as good a reason as any to be happy with what we have :) good write Kayva xx

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Passionate Reader 17 June 2013

so true! ! ! So its better to act wise now And welcome every moment with a 'wow' lovely lines! ! ! :)

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Shahzia Batool 17 June 2013

that's why it is suggested to stay happy and contented in the present moment! ! !

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Valerie Dohren 13 June 2013

Very true and very wise. Good one Kavya.

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Lorraine Colon 29 May 2013

I think I am the exception to the rule - Now that I am old, I have time, a good amount of energy, but I still have no money. But I accept it, and use my energy to do what makes me happy - gardening, visiting family, and of course, writing poems. I like your poem very much, good job.

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