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**is Cupid A Man? **

Rating: 3.2

If cupid really was a man
with a cute little dart
who shot you with them,
right through your heart;

Why is it that men
are the last ones to say
that they want to be with you
each and every day.

I don't understand it,
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Douglas Palmer 20 April 2009

what a wounderful poemi really enjoyed reading it i give it a 10

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Tanner Geldart 17 April 2009

really good wow im a guy and i even wonder why? good poem

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Johannes Yeboah 17 April 2009

nice poem..great job! ! but I wonder how it might seem if Cupid was a woman? there's a suggestion that women shd be allowed to choose their love mates cos they understand love more than us, but I still take dat with a pinch of salt!

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Nadia Dudas 14 April 2009

Your poem poses a very good question, lol it makes you think about the lovely mystery of the male species. Maybe men are more hesitant than women to express themselves, maybe society conditioned? Cupid with his bow and arrow, that might be his most typical manly quality. Good poem londiwe

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Greenwolfe 1962 02 April 2009

I love this poem. It has a nice rhythm to it. I also like the subject. If you really want to know about cupid, then read my poem called CUPID. It will introduce you to him and he will answer some questions for you. HaHaHa! This was thoroughly enjoyable. GW62

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Ashely Tisdale 27 July 2009

ohkay! ! ? ? i DONT belive in Cupid and all even though i BELIVE in Luv and guys? ? Cupid thats lame but rly good poem my songs OAY~~ xD Ashely...~~~

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Sonya Florentino 25 April 2009

Cupid is a little boy, wants to love and be loved... so do men when they're children... it's when they grow up that the problems begin! :) Enjoyed your poem..

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Newton-ray Ukwuoma 24 April 2009

this quite an ellectrifying piece. I give you a formidable 10

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Subroto Chatterjee 24 April 2009

Cupid was Aphrodite's son. Hence he had no control over his own birth, like all of us. When you're happy in love, you'll love Cupid. When sad, may be you can then ask him to redirect those candy-tipped arrows elsewhere. I enjoyed this poem! Cheers. Subroto

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Lori Stloius 20 April 2009

wow i loved your poem it made me think

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