Just A Story For Children.... Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

Just A Story For Children....

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Just a story for children... - short story by Sylvia Frances Chan

Lady McFee And The Salty Sea
A short story for children:

in the blue lagoon
near the red sea
and have you ever noticed the black raven?

there was no lagoon, I think
there was only a beautiful lady with a pink jacket,
who wore a yellow umbrella because she wanted to be very visible,
yellow is a strong color
afraid of being swallowed by a gray whale.

But dear lady McFee, there are no whales around the Red Sea,
nor are there dolphins.
Certainly no dolphins, they are wise
and they also have a larger brain than the rest of the big fish.

Well, lady McFee, I have to go home now,
the children are waiting for dinner

Where's your husband then?
My husband?

he is on duty, dear lady McFee, he is on duty at the Green Cross.
OK I go, it will be dark soon, bye!

Question: How many colors are there in this story?
Thank you for your answers.
I wish you all dear poets and poetesses:
A very happy weekend
Relax and have fun!

© Sylvia Frances Chan - All rights reserved
Saturday, Oct.19,2019 at 10.23 Dutch time

Saturday, October 19, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: story,children
Wishing you all dear Poets and Poetesses:
A Very Happy Weekend
relax and have fun!

©Sylvia Frances Chan -
All Rights Reserved
Saturday 19 Oct 2019
at 10.23 Dutch Time
Susan Williams 10 November 2019

I would count the colors but my computer is leaping around like a frog on a hot skillet- -you have such a vivid imagination- I do not think a reader could ever get bored with your choice of topics! ! ! Thank you for posting this for our enjoyment!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 24 October 2019

This poem " Just a story for children" is so nicely and hauntingly executed. The question about color is much attractive and it is the essence of the poem. Your wish to all poets and poetesses is adorable and acceptable. Brilliant work with fun and fancy.10

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