Just Because Poem by Steven Pimentel

Just Because

Rating: 5.0

Just because i always smile..
Doesn't mean i don't get mad
can't get sad
Or can't get heartbroken..

Just because i love everyone
Doesn't mean i can't hate
can't walk away
Or stop making friends..

Just because i laugh a lot
Doesn't mean i can't stop laughing
can't close my mouth
Or stop saying jokes

Charlotte Andreski 13 July 2009

sometimes when we have such strong emotions, we feel the need to cover them. its our way of protecting the vulnerable feelings below. beautiful write anyways, portrays great penmanship

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Omar Ibrahim 24 July 2009

your poems are short like mine! ! ! ! this was fantastic.........keep it up..

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Pandian Angelina 16 July 2009

Sometimes people take us for granted Seeing our outward laughter and smile Forgetting the sensitive heart lying beneath A wonderful depiction of emotions and feelings! A real nice poem Steve.

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Subroto Chatterjee 16 July 2009

So you're only human. We understand. Some may not. So move on. Cheers. Subroto

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Ruth Walters 14 July 2009

well I liked that one and you made me stop to think about how I perceive people and reminded me that I should always look a little deeper....well done! Ruthy

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Kerry O'Connor 14 July 2009

There is much truth in your words. You show a good grasp of human emotions.

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