Life Is Confusing Poem by Steven Pimentel

Life Is Confusing

Rating: 2.8

Life is wrong
why shall we die?

we should have a pick
earth or the sky..

their life
Or mines..

i live my life
till the time is clicking..

a sec pass
all i can ask
am i dying Or am I living?

Cynthia Buhain-baello 14 July 2009

So many questions raised in this poem, but you did present them quite innocently, as we do ask these from time to time. 'Life is Confusing' as title is direct but a resolution at the end could have given it more impact - like....'life is confusing...until we find a purpose for living.' Is that suggestion ok with you?

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Ruth Walters 14 July 2009

We are all born to die, sad but true. We all ask...why...what is death, why am I here? I don't know the answer but I'm here and I guess I'll have to cope with it now. Great little poem this asking that age old question.....another good one from you. Ruthy

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Ency Bearis 16 July 2009

a great introspection..the querry of self against the evolution of life....

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Christine Kerr 18 July 2009

I just read the answer to this one in Louis Rams writing. Can't remember the title but it's one of his new ones and many of his are really inspirational, thoe that's not the one I'm talking about.

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C S 14 May 2012

Good question! One I think we can all relate to: -)

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Ramesh T A 04 August 2009

Confusion is very well expressed in your poem! Nice to read indeed!

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Omar Ibrahim 24 July 2009

life is an exam in which we have to succeed....and it is a very difficult exam...

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Kushal Vaishnani 22 July 2009

Good write, Steven.. flow of words is eloquent and stanzas are perfectly interwoven to make a good poem. Perfect 10 Kushal

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Raj Arumugam 20 July 2009

that's highly dramatic and interesting - the last two lines...marvelous

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