Change Poem by Steven Pimentel


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I have changed so much
don't really know who i am..

Times change & people grow
why did i have to change
just to let people know..

that I'm here..
in the front..
hands high..

Can you see me?
Do you like me?

where's my friends when i need them..
Gotta look nice just to see them..
Change my ways just to keep them..

i change to be liked
am I a groupie..
am I a joke..
Or am I fake..

Chitra - 11 July 2009

wonderful sincere write

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Kranthi Pothineni 12 July 2009

Well, change is the only thing that doesn't change in this world. But we should always change for better, thats what is more important. Well expressed and the flow is good. Read my poem 'Change' too when you have time.

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Catrina Heart 12 July 2009

Very well said in eloquence...nice expressed thoughts and feelings...10/10

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Cynthia Buhain-baello 13 July 2009

I like your honesty here and the inner struggle you experience to gain 'acceptance' - but the most important things are the questions you put in the poem, and the resolve you faced, which is a start to 'Change' (the productive kind) . Just be yourself and never mind what other people think. 10+

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Jacky Dorantes 13 July 2009

I fell like everyone can relate to this one. The questions only add to it, it makes ppl really see the struggle. I love the part about whether or not you wondered if you were a 'groupie'. I think we've all been in that situation, like you lose your identity. Keep writing.

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Brishti Mazumdar 03 August 2009

Oh! is a young poet who writes for a cause...liked your thought process and for that you deserve 10++++

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Omar Ibrahim 24 July 2009

yes i know your feeling......very good poem friend..

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Shashendra Amalshan 19 July 2009

oh! ! ! ! i know this feeling friend.. hey i sort of know what you must be going through.. your guy friends must be thinking you are some sort of freak isnt it? .... that you are some insane person may be... you know these days society is sick.. i used to be sick too.... now i v changed lots.... and i like the way you express yourself... specially last few lines... with lots of love shan

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Pandian Angelina 16 July 2009

'I change to be liked' Yes, we all change to be liked And it happens not only At your age Steve - Even now We find change is a process A continuous process of life. Reflections of your emotions The best source of poetry Is from within thyself And you do go deep! Good Work! Angel

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Nicky kelly 16 July 2009

did you read P.Watzlavick? The more we grow and change, the less we ain't that same.You say well.After reading this nice poem I'm not the same I was before.

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