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Can'T Hate

Rating: 5.0

Hate is in that shadow
that i will never go into..

if i ever say i hate you
just hand me the pistol
because is hard to hate for me
yea maybe is an issue..

lOve is in the air
like they always say

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Subroto Chatterjee 24 July 2009

Now you continue lovin' young man....and then there's no hatin'..right? Right. Cheers. Subroto

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Raj Arumugam 20 July 2009

smooth lines and very perceptive of life

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Shashendra Amalshan 19 July 2009

you emotions seems to flow through this write friend... it always help when you express your innermost feelings through your poems.. i really felt these lines... nice indeed... are you new to PH! ! ! ! Welcome to PH indeed.. this is such a wonderful site. i came to the site like a dying a fish. wounded and battered... still not healed though.. never will be i guess.. with lots of love shan

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Pandian Angelina 16 July 2009

When we all write on love You start with hate Thinking the other way round A refreshing change indeed Lovely poem Steve and enjoyed it. Welcome to PH. Angel

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Subroto Chatterjee 16 July 2009

Good for you. Welcome message. Cheers. Subroto

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Ivan Ezeigbo 24 December 2012

Great write. Just the same manner as mine- Rise Above Hate. You can check it out.

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hay Steven i had mean of affection its very innocent equally cruel some time the feel of come to your pen point high level

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Amelie peace 31 August 2009

well that's good to know....when you live with people feel hate all the time......you begin to forget that nice people actually exist.....nice one! 10+

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Brishti Mazumdar 03 August 2009

Yes, that's the spirit.Let us make hatred also hate itself....Let us try to love each other....10++++ for the message....

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Omar Ibrahim 24 July 2009

good idea! ! ! written wonderfully! ! ! ! 10++

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