Just Because Ll Poem by Steven Pimentel

Just Because Ll

Rating: 4.8

Just Because I Smile
Doesn't mean I don't get Mad
Can't get Sad
Or can't just Frown

Just Because I Love
Doesn't mean I don't Hate
Can't walk away
Or can't let Love fade

Just Because I Laugh
Doesn't mean I find everything funny
Can't stop Laughing
Or can't Lose my sense of Humor

Bharat Mehru 15 May 2012

Beautiful poem, I liked it. A cuckoo on stump would sing as sweet as one on flowered green branch, your staying away from poetry hasn't done any wrong to your poet, congrats.

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Enrico Lommerte 15 May 2012

hi steven, you asked so here I am... for my tast there is too much can't, I don't like that very much the contradictions used here are ok gr enrico

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Ruth Walters 14 May 2012

good poem and true for everyone I think

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David Gerardino 14 May 2012

I like the idea, , , , , , , , , , , , , very good.

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Rodney Vali 14 May 2012

Awesome poem, dude! It‘s not the way I usually write and I understand it is your comeback, but this poem is great! Keep up the good work!

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Surya . 19 March 2015

beautiful thought lines. well expressed and composed.thanks for sharing. surya.

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Ramesh T A 20 June 2012

quite true! I agree with what you have said in this poem!

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Allan Macli Borges 18 June 2012

liked! ! ! good explanation about the meanings. keep it up!

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Kranthi Pothineni 29 May 2012


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Marieta Maglas 28 May 2012

nice poem....keep writing

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