Kata Poem by Lee Degnan


Rating: 5.0

Close your eyes
imagine your lungs
filling with life giving air
As everything in life
is a piece of you
and you of it.
Nothing exists
but the form...
So practiced,
so perfect
and falls together
as it's meant to be,
Find the power
from within
the natural flow of your movement
Find the force
of every kiai
begining in your solar plexus
So strong
Imagine every measured step
and counter
as your enemies
fall at your precision.

Let the sensei
Show you how it's done,
for it is him
you will need to emulate
to be the perfect warrior...
for it is the sensei
who will teach you
how to master your life...

It is the sensei
who will teach you form,

For my sensei,
My teacher,
My father,
Lou Stanishia

Untitiled and unnamed 24 October 2006

A good write, And as a past member of martial arts I can see the connection in every line, A well put together write, Well done lee, From the other lee...lol

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Anna Russell 27 October 2006

This takes me back (Scottish junior Kata champion!) . Actually, reading this makes me want to take up karate again. Hugs Anna xxx

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Phil Dispenza 06 June 2008

Hello I've been wondering about Lou for years. I was searching around and your poem poped up, It's good by the way. Are you in contact with Lou or Dennis at all? Please contact me at 845-878-5025. We live in Stormville. Looking forard to hearing from you.(They do not owe me money) Thanks for your time PEACE! !

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Alison Cassidy 27 October 2007

A sincerely penned tribute to your father and a clear and poetic insight into Chinese martial arts - from the inside out. I recognize the same single pointed awareness for which we also strive through the practice of Yoga. Many doors into the same place, eh? Wonderful poem. love, Allie xxxx

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Dr.subhendu Kar 10 December 2006

Lee, i appreciate ur skill of expression in lucid form that justify the fact inhered & well textured with simplicity.well penned

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Roger Bowman 16 November 2006

Lee I love your positivity and optimism. Take care Roger

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Duncan Wyllie 28 October 2006

I enjoyed the skill and form of this peace coupled with respect and focus A great piece, love duncan XXX

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